Saturday, June 02, 2007


The Annecy animation film festival will be happening this year from 11-06 till 16-06-07.

This year I will be joining Uli Meyer where he will have a stand promoting his CG feature film "Monster Mania".

Uli has been so kind to preserve a space on his stand where I can promote my animated TV show " Max in a Million". So I'm truly gratefull to Uli for giving me the opportunity to do so.

During the past years I have been developing my own TV show.

Recently I've finished my bible and I've written a treatment for a pilot episode , which was then transformed in a script by Paul Mc Keown and Christian de Vita.

The work you see is the card that I put together for the Annecy festival.

So if you're planning to attend the festival come and visit us! :)

When I'm back I will be posting some pics from the festival.

See you there! :)


Todd Oman said...

sounds cool, good luck with your show.

DON LIN said...

Man I hope this gets snapped up at Annecy.
Good stuff Jean Paul look forward to seeing more.

Niel Bushnell said...

Jean Paul! Good to hear from you - will see you in Annecy for a beer!

Matt Jones said...

That's a SWEET bg painting. Good luck with this & see you there!!

Simone Altimani said...

Nice stuff!!!!
Your style is very cool, good luck for your work!

jakolobo said...

Good luck in Annecy!!!. The project is powerful. I love it and I love the characters and the color and backgrounds. Its perfect!!!

Unknown said...

Sorry im not there, this looks great...the best of luck man and to uli. Fill us in when your back, ill be in london around end of june.
Enjoy!!...tell the french girls all about me!!!!

Richard Mitchelson said...

Good luck at Annecy JP i hope you get loads of big wigs wanting to make it, the bg's look very rich. All the best.

Jason Kotey said...

Good luck, Mr JP! I KNOW this will be snapped up very quickly, friend.
Hell, I'll even pose as an entrepenuer in disguise just to set the ball rolling. If you see a guy in a fake wig and moustache you'll know its me!!

It looks amazing, dude!
Be proud! This will do well!

Jampix said...

Todd, thanks a bunch.

Cheers Lindon, what about that beer? ;)

Neil and Matt, great to hear from you guys, looking forward to see you at the festival

Thanks Simone!

Jacolobo, it's nice to see you passing through! Thanks for your support! I appriciate it! :)

Hi Andy, thanks for the nice words, I'll see you at the end of june...what the French girls are concerned.. You have to come over to find out yourself dude! ;)

Hi Flambo good to hear from you! Thanks for your support!

Hi Mr.Kotey thanks for the support we definately have to get a couple of jars in together in Annecy... see you there ;)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looks grand Jean Paul,good luck at Annecy. Is it true that you were once held hostage by Hans Gruber though,and you now have Stockholm Syndrome ?! 'Parp'

Jeroen said...

Veel geluk Jean Paul!!!!!! En maak dat er nog wat tijd is om veel leute te maken in Annecy (wat waarschijnlijk wel het geval zal zijn.... ik ben jaloers haha)

Marie-Eve T├ętrault said...

Good luck for your project, It has a great design and thank you so much for commenting on my short film, les acolytes.