Saturday, June 23, 2007

Annecy 2007

After a week of working, drinking and eating the Annecy film festival has finished, I had a great time, met a lot of people and got lots of interest in my project "Max in a Million".

First of all I want to say a big thank you to Uli Meyer who offered me a space on his Monster Mania stand
For people who have never been to Annecy it's a very beautiful place.
Annecy is also known for it's great food especially their "moules frites" and "escargots" demonstrated by Boris Hiestand and Uli Meyer
I've had the pleasure to meet Harald Siepermann who's work and blog I've been admiring for quite some years... it was great fun hanging out and exchanging some animation thoughts...
Me and the missus ready of another night on town
We all had a great time going out on the bend, but please hats of for our Champions couple extraordinaire Mr. Boris Hiestand and Mr. Elliot Cowan
I had the pleasure to meet Bibo Bergeron the creator/director of his new feature "Monster in Paris". He bestowed me with the honor of drawing my caricature... Merci monsieur Bibo!
The end / Fin


Andrew Glazebrook said...

It look a very nice place !! Glad you had fun Jean Paul !!

Boris Hiestand said...

wonderful stuff.
Elliot and me dominate the blogs with our idiotic antics. We'll never get work again!

Elliot Cowan said...

It's great to be an idiot,
It's great to act the fool.
To mug into the camera,
To fart and burp and drool.
It's a joy to be a simpleton,
A pleasure to be a dope,
A delight to be a moron
And pretend you cannot cope.
It's bliss to be a dummy,
To cross your eyes and act like pricks,
Draw willies on the placemats,
Because that attracts the chicks.

Matt Jones said...

You handsome devil!

Jeroen said...

het lijkt alsof jullie daar maanden zijn geweest! Hoe kan je strandliggen, zeilboot varen, sightseeing, eten eten drinken drinken a volonte, uw eigen series proberen te verkopen en nog zoveel meer dingen in 1 week combineren? Ah ja, door NOOIT naar de filmscreenings te gaan zeker .... daarvoor moet je in Annecy zijn, haha!

Boris Hiestand said...

alle zotteke, u heeft het goe he

Hans said...

Couldn't help noticing the Danish flag in one of the pics??

ashutosh gautam said...

got a good stuff. characters are rocking.

ashutosh gautam said...

got a good stuff.