Friday, May 18, 2007

Warm up sketch

A couple of months ago I boarded for Aardman on Planet Sketch, series 2, most of the sketches I boarded out where Ninja Handy man ones.

They actually do not really look like the Ninja Handy man but that's the way I preferred drawing him and because it's a CG show it didn't really matter... These are a few warm up ones I did before I started boarding.


Elliot Cowan said...

Looks like a colouring book.
Draw something else!

DON LIN said...

Hiiiii Yaghhhhhhhhhhhh!
I usually limber up before drawing with few Hi Karate moves myself.

Jampix said...

Elliot no comment dude, have a close look at your own blog ;)

Hiiii yaaah Lindon nice of you to pop in, let me know next time you're coming to Uli's.

cristian said...

Nice!! Awesome movement and freshness. Cool.

Jason Kotey said...

Cool dynamic work, JP.

I wouldn't wanna mess with this Ninja!!
See ya Thursday, man!!!

Unknown said...

Love the character!! I can see him jump around on screen!!

Kei Acedera said...

Yes love the energy in these!

Laura Braga said...

Hi jampix.
Really like your style. Very clean and dynamic!!!
I definitely must come back to visit your blog more often!!!

Laura :)

Ken said...

cool ninja!

ken :D

Jampix said...

Jason, Alina, Kei, Laura and Ken,
Thanks very much for your kind comments!

:) JP