Sunday, September 10, 2006


This bunch are 2 minute sketches done with black marker


Richard Mitchelson said...

Hey Jean Paul, great to see the blog, it's looking good. Nice to see the Cookie Crisp stuff. Makes me remeber when i line tested a load of that crazy wolf... The sounds of COOOOOOOOOOKIE crisp drove me crazy, but i had great times at uli's. Good life drawing, hopefully get up to london soon. Keep up the blogging.

Jampix said...

Hi Richard, thanks for the nice comments... let me know next time you're in london, we can go for a pint ;-)

alberto mielgo said...

How are you man?!?
I get confused with this Jampix name and this hairy photo.
Great life drawing.
Take care, and see you soon. At Uli's?

Jampix said...

Cheers Alberto, look forward to see you.

Matt Jones said...

I remember this session - @ Warner Bros with Crookie back in the day. Holborn drawing & drinking.

Michael said...

Good to see your blog Jean Paul. I found a link on Lyndon's blog:

I look forward to seeing more of your own project here. Keep' 'em coming!


Jampix said...

Thanks Michael...ehhrrr!??

Which Michael are you!?