Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pole vaulting Coockie Crisp wolf

These stills are from a Coockie Crisp commercial I animated a couple of years ago. The CCwolf is running towards the screen holding a pole vault, katapulting himself into the screen. The pole was CG so therefore is missing from the stills. I hope you enjoy the images. :-)


Ken said...

wow this is cool, I wonder if I have seen that advert...Love your jack black cats! very funny

Ken :D

Boris Hiestand said...

you're ugly as hell, but also a fantastic animator!
I love that shot! more!

Matt Jones said...

HEY- JP has a BLOG!!!! Nice examples of work too. The job I mentioned in Paris has fallen through. Elroy's going to supervise here with a couple of French animators. Sorry dude, I'll let you know if the situation changes.

Keep up the blog & hold back on the Belgian waffle!

edhead said...

Heh - these are wonderful to see! Really nice stuff!

Jampix said...

Hi Ken, the add you're talking about was on air for quiet a while,you probably must of seen it, thanks for the nice comments

Boris always as flattering as ever, thank god I'm not your type ;-)

MJ, thanks for the effort, not to worry I'm quiet busy here in London

Cheers Edd :-)

Uli Meyer said...

Hey, where'd you get these from! You should at least mention that you did this at my studio!
Post some more.


Jampix said...

Hi Uli I appologize for not mentioning your studio, won't happen again.
Speak soon.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Love the Ads,but I've yet to try the cereal ! :)

Gerald de Dios said...

You've got a ton of great character designs and layouts here! I really like the CC layouts and colors.